With Airtel starting to roll out 4G across India, the Dovado Tiny is the perfect device to work with your new Airtel 4G USB modem. The Dovado Tiny has been tested here in India on the Airtel 4G network and is giving our customers excellent download and upload speeds.

The Dovado Tiny is available from EK Wireless for Rs 5899 http://www.ekwireless.in/tiny.html

EK Wireless is the only company in India that truly specialises in 3G and 4G routers. Many options available. Checkout www.ekwireless.in for more or call on 022 4090 7355

The MBR1200B from Cradlepoint is a great device for small to medium size enterprise businesses that want to have 100% Internet all the time.


Find out more at www.ekwireless.in