EK Wireless is India’s only 3G / 4G router experts. We sell and support only the best 3G and 4G routing devices that are available today globally. 

Specialising  in devices for enterprise, SME and home users where organizations want to take advantage of the reliability and speed that 3G and 4G offer. With leading brands like Cradlepoint, Dovado, Draytek, Netcomm and Xrio, we have a solution that will meet everyone’s routing and connectivity needs.

Formed in early 2009 EK Wireless is already proving itself as the leader in these technologies with products that have proven themselves already, from manufacturers that are true experts in their fields.

Check out our website at www.ekwireless.in to know more about our 3G and 4G USB routing products

CradlePoint: www.ekwireless.in/cradlepoint_1.html

Dovado: www.ekwireless.in/dovado_1.html

Draytek: www.ekwireless.in/dray_tek.html

Xrio: www.ekwireless.in/xrio.html

Netcomm: www.ekwireless.in/netcommwireless.html